What was your business like before working with Anastasia? Before I got on board, I would say that there was a lot more instability. There were lots of ups and downs. I’d have some high highs but also have some low lows. I was on a rollercoaster ride.

What is your business like now?  I’m so grateful than through working with Anastasia that my income has stabilized.

My highs are increasing and on my lows, I increased the floor so I don’t experience those deficit month lows. There’s still some fluctuation but it’s not so big. I’m not having deficit months: every month is profitable. I have savings now.

How have you changed physically and mentally? I’m now able to make make decisions way faster and be clear about them.  It’s help me save tens of thousands of dollars in business mistakes, save me in relationships and in any decisions I make. Life’s a lot more fun that way.

Do you have more energy now especially in being able to put on several day events? Absolutely. Because I’m very energetically sensitive so I used to pick up on people’s energy. I felt so depleted and you know I love people. There’s just so much energy going on.  So instead of feeling depleted, I have energy to spare. I have energy to keep going on beyond that (the event), I didn’t need to just rest for a full day. It’s been very very helpful.

In addition, I was in a car accident about ten years ago and I had some back trauma but I felt like sometimes it affected my mental health. Prior to working with you, I was in my mid to late thirties and I I was having “senior moments” where I couldn’t remember what I was thinking about two minutes before.   It was almost like dementia or Alzheimer’s. I was having those bouts several years ago before getting healing. Now it feels so good that I got my mental health back where I could start to see (zip and boom quickly) great solutions here and there.

Has it helped attract higher quality clients to your business?  I do believe what we do attract people energetically. Before, I could say everything correctly, the right words or so, but for most people something will just feel off. That impacted program sales. Now I’m more congruent –  it’s definitely helped with our sales at our live events.

So if anyone is out there doing speaking or coaching and training definitely, I highly recommend Anastasia’s work. If you’re doing sales of any kind or if you’re an executive or CEO of any kind and you want to lead your team or you want to improve the performance of your company, your energy is the most important thing in terms of influencing people, building the relationship and trust. Because very rarely does anyone trust anyone with very low energy.