Who are you and what do you do?  Allison Ferguson: I’m an entrepreneur. I have two companies: one is a financial services business and the other is a fitness company.

What was life like before working with Anastasia?  I had a pretty typical life that I thought was healthy. I believed that I actually would get sick like normal people. It’s just that’s the way it is: you should get the flu shot and you should do all these things to try to stay healthy. There are just certain things out of your control even though I had known about other teachings about emotion, about emotion playing a role in it. I didn’t really know very much how to handle any of that.

What’s happened since? After working with you and taking your course, I learned a lot about what’s going on inside of my body, the things that I’m feeling and how that’s a reflection of what’s going on in my overall world. Then what to do about it. Now I can tell. I now I listen to my body. I’m very attuned to it. If I feel something in my in my gut, it’s not just my intuition talking. It’s probably a situation with another person that I can clear up quickly.  I instantly get better. I don’t suffer the way that I used to, for example, unknown pain in my body. I can diagnose it and fix it very quickly.

Is your business also thriving?  Yes, yes! And we’re looking at such huge things to come. It has been going on this slow and steady upward trajectory. But now it’s getting ready to accelerate just straight up.