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Are you leader, entrepreneur, CEO, or business owner that influences or is responsible for a lot of people?

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Do you wonder why others with less talent achieve more, break through the glass ceiling, or don’t experience the boom/bust business cycle?   They have an open pathway between their plans and execution.  They do not erect obstacles to challenge themselves.


Isn’t it time you had a clear path to success?


with Anastasia Chopelas, Ph.D.

Do you have an invisible barrier that holds you back?  Do you have a hard time envisioning a bigger, better future?   Are you working long hours, even sacrificing your well-being to make it all work?

You are not alone.  You are unaware of the intangible factors that are holding you back.  You don’t need another strategy or tactic. You are brilliant and well-informed, you’ve had a great deal of success.

Science tells us exactly what the missing factor is: it comes from what you experienced during your lifetime, which activates hidden behavioral patterns that facilitate easy success or struggle.  It can easily change.  Find out how.


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What Is That Elusive Factor That Makes Some People Succeed Consistently?

Even if you are incredibly successful, you might still suffer the common financial roller coaster ride, causing you undue financial stress, perhaps causing you to spend excessive amounts of time working.  This imbalanced life can lead to chronic illness or worse, an unhappy or no partnership or marriage, and loss of friends or support from others.

Unsurprising, the very same factors in you that create the financial and personal success keep you healthy and happy while these factors, if they’re missing, creates financial and personal chaos which then creates illness or dis-ease.

The solution is simple but not easy.  Rather than struggle through years of personal development, therapy, couples counseling, or years of medications, my clients commonly experience rapid transformation, more energy, better health, consistent and greater income and better relationships.  In other words, they are on the fast track to success and you can be, too.

Introducing the

Science of Accelerated Success Program

This program is designed to optimize your financial, business, and life success, from data collected over thousands of consults. Over the year long process, you’ll see your life change in unexpected ways.  Each quarter, we focus on a different aspect:

Unique Year Long Program Addressing All Eight Factors That Affect Your Success

Did you know it takes 90 days for your body to get used to new habits?  And that it takes a year to maintain them?  That’s why this program was created for you, already successful individuals ready to make even a bigger impact, to achieve even more in business, finances and your life.  Yes, it’s all connected.  This program helps you break through the common problems that successful people experience, whether its roller coaster income, financial worries, work vs family or leisure time imbalance, deteriorating health, stress and fatigue.  Imagine your life without these issues!  It’s possible and it’s not as elusive as you thing.

Quarter 1 Priority: Physical Health

First, your body’s energy systems up and running to stop the aging and illness processes.  Brief but effective action plans, such as,  listening to audios before falling asleep, deep breathing, simple movement.  Finding your ideal foods.  All your organs, glands and systems brought back to functioning as a young healthy person.  Improved subtle energy flow.

Typical Results:  Business wins: correct decisions are made more quickly and easily because you’ll know intuitively what is right or not.  You’ll be more productive and let things go that you don’t need to be doing.  Usually, clients within the first quarter experience a 20 to 50% increase in income.  One client had a 600% increase in income.


Quarter 2 Priority: Mental Health

Your brain and its glandular system brought to function at the level of a healthy 25 year old.  Your old money programming is released, including the feast and famine cycle, to allow dissolving of old limitations, that glass ceiling.  You’ll experience further improved memory, focus and heightened intuition.   remove old programmed patterns from childhood that keep you stuck in some area.

Typical Results: Common financial win is that roller coaster income stops.  Instead, it rapidly and steadily goes up even if iteratively, as you become clear of the financial barriers that have hindered you in the past.  Often, decisions that had you stymied or stuck for a while no longer seem to be an issue.

Quarter 3 Priority: Emotional Health

Your old emotional patterns cleared/released then your cells and systems come to a new equilibrium. What used to trigger you will now have you seeing solutions rather than wasting your precious energy reacting.  Conversations will be focused on discovery and release.   Your physical centers of emotion, the brain and heart, are strengthened.

Typical Results: Your income has risen enough that you can hire more people in your business.  Because of your newfound way of being more grounded and even handed, both old and new employees are more faithful/loyal, staying on the job. You’ll need to hire and train fewer people, saving your company and you thousands of dollars per employee.  For them, a simple mindful program during a single daily 10 minute break can improve employee morale further, something I have available.

Quarter 4 Priority: Relational & Environmental

Cleaning up old relationship baggage, meaning you will no longer be triggered negatively by former and current relationships, both personal and business.  This allows old relationships to improve while people are drawn to you in new relationships.  You notice your attitude towards others is very different and that your new relationships are healthier.   We will also look at cleaning up your personal and your environmental products, both chemically and energetically.  This will reduce the physical challenges on your body to help you maintain the changes going into the future.

Typical Results: New business shows up quickly and easily.  No new advertising spend, people will be attracted to you and your business AND want to work with you.


How Do I Work With You?

We meet by telephone or online video call at a pace you determine (e.g., 4x a month or 2x a month) in which I work with you and I give you simple daily exercises that takes a few minutes a day to help incorporate the coaching/healing.  Together we’ll uncover what is holding you back from achieving more, remove the hindrance, and let you soar.  It’s personal development but on steroids.

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Paul Young, Insurance Company Owner

I have been a client of Anastasia for roughly five years.  She is one of the most remarkable people I have ever known.  When I began working with Anastasia, I have had an issue with degenerative kidney disease inherited from my mother’s side of the family.  My kidney usage had dropped to 25%.  She worked, and built up up to just under 50%, which will be sufficient for my lifetime.  Presently I am on a maintenance program, as she has kept my kidneys at this same level.  We speak monthly, and she has helped my deal with stress, and how to lessen what that does to my body and my business.
I have and will continue to refer people to work with her.  I trust her, and her results are proof of the pudding that what she does – WORKS!!

Eiji Morishita, Founder of Movement Makers

What was your business like before working with Anastasia? Before I got on board, I would say that there was a lot more instability. There were lots of ups and downs. I’d have some high highs but also have some low lows. I was on a rollercoaster ride.

What is your business like now?  I’m so grateful than through working with Anastasia that my income has stabilized.

My highs are increasing and on my lows, I increased the floor so I don’t experience those deficit month lows. There’s still some fluctuation but it’s not so big. I’m not having deficit months: every month is profitable. I have savings now.

How have you changed physically and mentally? I’m now able to make make decisions way faster and be clear about them.  It’s help me save tens of thousands of dollars in business mistakes, save me in relationships and in any decisions I make. Life’s a lot more fun that way.

Do you have more energy now especially in being able to put on several day events? Absolutely. Because I’m very energetically sensitive so I used to pick up on people’s energy. I felt so depleted and you know I love people. There’s just so much energy going on.  So instead of feeling depleted, I have energy to spare. I have energy to keep going on beyond that (the event), I didn’t need to just rest for a full day. It’s been very very helpful.

In addition, I was in a car accident about ten years ago and I had some back trauma but I felt like sometimes it affected my mental health. Prior to working with you, I was in my mid to late thirties and I I was having “senior moments” where I couldn’t remember what I was thinking about two minutes before.   It was almost like dementia or Alzheimer’s. I was having those bouts several years ago before getting healing. Now it feels so good that I got my mental health back where I could start to see (zip and boom quickly) great solutions here and there.

Has it helped attract higher quality clients to your business?  I do believe what we do attract people energetically. Before, I could say everything correctly, the right words or so, but for most people something will just feel off. That impacted program sales. Now I’m more congruent –  it’s definitely helped with our sales at our live events.

So if anyone is out there doing speaking or coaching and training definitely, I highly recommend Anastasia’s work. If you’re doing sales of any kind or if you’re an executive or CEO of any kind and you want to lead your team or you want to improve the performance of your company, your energy is the most important thing in terms of influencing people, building the relationship and trust. Because very rarely does anyone trust anyone with very low energy.

Allison Ferguson, Financial Advisor and Fitness Trainer

Who are you and what do you do?  Allison Ferguson: I’m an entrepreneur. I have two companies: one is a financial services business and the other is a fitness company.

What was life like before working with Anastasia?  I had a pretty typical life that I thought was healthy. I believed that I actually would get sick like normal people. It’s just that’s the way it is: you should get the flu shot and you should do all these things to try to stay healthy. There are just certain things out of your control even though I had known about other teachings about emotion, about emotion playing a role in it. I didn’t really know very much how to handle any of that.

What’s happened since? After working with you and taking your course, I learned a lot about what’s going on inside of my body, the things that I’m feeling and how that’s a reflection of what’s going on in my overall world. Then what to do about it. Now I can tell. I now I listen to my body. I’m very attuned to it. If I feel something in my in my gut, it’s not just my intuition talking. It’s probably a situation with another person that I can clear up quickly.  I instantly get better. I don’t suffer the way that I used to, for example, unknown pain in my body. I can diagnose it and fix it very quickly.

Is your business also thriving?  Yes, yes! And we’re looking at such huge things to come. It has been going on this slow and steady upward trajectory. But now it’s getting ready to accelerate just straight up.





Let Dr. Anastasia’s 45 years of experience in becoming rapidly successful in four diverse careers help you reach the next level in your business and life.